The three fastest crews before the first rally of the MSR season

The first Slovakian Championship event is at the door, so we interviewed three most successful crews of the last season and find what the plans for this year are and how they will enjoy Hungarian Eger Rallye.

What is waiting for you in this season, where everywhere we will see you?
Jaro Melichárek: This year we do not focus on the Slovak Championship, but we plan to start in several foreign countries, the World Championship. However, we will not miss the Hungarian Rally Eger, which we like very much. And where we will show afterwards , we do not know yet.
Grzegorz Grzyb: I think that the season 2016 will be very interesting. Already at the start of the first rally will show a lot of good cars,  R5 , WRC and S2000 and perfectly prepared teams. Every year in Slovakia are wins more difficult because competition pace  increases. Certainly we will try in this season to get Champions title, but from the beginning it will be difficult, because I had a wound that heals slowly and need time to keep everything running as before. I look forward to fights that are interesting for the riders and spectators.
Pavel Valoušek: Plans for 2016 season we have not yet completely closed, but so far it seems that we could take all Slovakia Championship races and the Barum Rally. The additional races we still discuss.

With which technology you will show during this season?
JM: We have a Fiesta WRC and we have no reason to change it. Every year regulations  changing, but we are not able to buy the new car each year. With the Fiesta we are satisfied.
GG: In this season we will introduce a well-known car Ford Fiesta R5 from workshop Keane Motorsport.
PV: We will start with Skoda Fabia R5. This is a new car and our whole team is very happy for it. Also looking forward to the Rally Hustopeče, which in this part of the Czech and Slovak Championship. Certainly there will show a lot of good cars and crews.

Who could be your biggest rival in this season?
JM: Speaking of Eger Rallye, there is really a lot of adepts of winning. Reported are fast and powerful cars, so really anyone can fight for the victory.
GG: I think there will be plenty competitors. It is difficult to know it at the beginning of the season, but we will certainly fight, especially on vehicles with crews at R5 and WRC.
PV: We do not have accurate information, who actually goes on what. Our goals are to maintain the speed and reliability of the previous year. We would especially like to become familiar with a car so that we can fight for the top positions.

Are you looking forward to the Rally Eger? What are your goals?
JM: For Rally Eger I am very happy, and so we decided to start here. I like the local  atmosphere and the tracks are nice. Long time not sit in the car, so we're going a little delight, well ride, and to please the audience.
GG: I am very happy, it takes a long break - but on the other hand, starting from the surgery I had just last week its a little soon. So even the little happy because we race, but also not a little because I'm not completely healthy. But we must keep in mind that we represent the best team in Slovakia - Rufa Sport, which always fights for the victory!
PV: For this race we do much looking forward. We made last year have some experience that we want to use now. In addition there will be a lot of competition of the Hungarian crew at good cars. We will try to go as quickly as possible and utilize the potential of the car. It will be a very important point of beginning of the season due to Slovak Championship. It will definitely be difficult, but we are very happy.

Zdenka Tamášová