Spectators´and media informations - Eger Rallye 2016

More than two hundred crews have signed up to the 11th Eger Rallye, which will open this year's Hungarian and Slovak Rally Championship. It promises a huge fights between participants from Slovakia, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland.

Competitive crews will immediately after the Easter holiday race on difficult rally of the season - Hungarian Eger Rallye. Two-day rally of 456.2 km long track from which 144.5 km is composed of 16 special stages. Event starts on Friday by administrative check and scrutineering and will continue in the evening - from 18:30, the audience will see interesting Ceremonial Start on Dobó tér, where visitors will see the competing cars.

First rally day is Saturday. Saturday's stage will consist of ten RS on 3 tracks. In the morning, shortly after nine o'clock, the crews will heat up on the famous SS 1, 5, 9 Egerszalók - Verpelét with length of 6.6 kilometers, followed by the RS 2, 6 Mátraháza - Mátraalmás 10.6 km long. This stage starts in a different place than a year ago, but shortly after takeoff connects to the "old" RS and will continue until its stop Mátraalmás. RS 3.7 Szuha - Parádsasvár to drive just like last year and is 8.1 km long. Here we must warn viewers that the speed test will be in its center closed to the public, so that will be accessible only from the start or from the stop. After refueling, the crews transfer onto the RS 4, 8, 10 Sirok - Egerbakta on which it is already clear by naming that runs in the opposite direction as during the last two years of the Eger Rally. After its completion, the crews return to the service. The second part of the day will be composed of the same RS and after refueling the crews will return to the service. RS 9 and RS 10 will start at 17 hod, which means that some vehicles will require aditional lighting.

On Sunday, the crews have to race on six SS on the three tracks. Morning RS 11, 14 Szarvasko - Egerbocs is comparing to that of 2013 increased from 5.8 km to 6.8 km. It is followed by the RS 12, 15 Bator - Terpes 16.2 km long and 13 RS, 16 Egerzolát - Egerszalók 7 km long. To stage Bator - Terpes will be added  three retarders. If  we are speaking about the retarders, the organizers decided to replace all three-row bumps for four-row, which will ensure a reduction in average speed and provide higher security.

After service, crews have to complete this section again, and after that they can look forward to a prize giving ceremony which will be on the Eszterházy tér. The same Sunday's program will also be for Rallye2 crews and Slovak Rally Cup crews and we will see them always before crews of major championships and otherwise it will not be niether on the announcement of results.

Competition brings visitors to the information of the price of tickets. Organizer makes the visit special stages conditioned to purchasing tickets worth 2 000 HUF (6.60 EUR), where insurance is included in the price. For children under 12 years is free entry. Likewise is free pedestrian entrance to the service park for all fans. As regards vehicles and to the service will be permitted  only vehicles with "Szervizjarmú" (service vehicle) and "Segitőjarmu" (escort vehicle). Spectators at the track are kindly requested to follow the advice of the organizers and keep  in a secure spectator zones behind the tape.

Zdenka Tamášová