Programme of the 20. VREDESTEIN Miskolc rally

Programme of the 20. VREDESTEIN Miskolc rally 
Competitors will first meet in Miskolc at Thursday afternoon, when road books will be provided and reconnaissance is scheduled. If someone will miss Thursdays program, reconnaissance, scrutineering and road book pickup can be also taken Friday morning. (Reconnaissance can be done also during Saturday morning until 14:00):
Start of the rally is planned for 16:00 at Miskolc stadium. Racing car must be placed to Parc Ferme between 10:30 and 11:30. Those cars will stay in Parc Ferme inside stadium during the football competition broadcasted live to Hungarian TV. Start of SS1 is scheduled at 16:30. After 5th SS the race day will over around 23:00. Saturday night Service is scheduled for Sunday morning 8:30. Sunday schedule contain 2 sections, each by 3 route of the SS. First car should reach rally finish at 17:30. 
Total length of the route is 560 km, of which 140 km length is of 11 SSs + 1.5 km long Prologue. Prologue is mandatory but time will not be counted into results. 

Slovakia Rally Cup will have its abroad premiere in Miskolc. It will be held together with Hungarian Rallye 2. 
Its beginning is at Saturday morning where road books pickup start, after which reconnaissance begins. Until noon competitors must return back to Miskolc for scruitineering. In the evening hours 20:00 - 21:30, racing cars must be placed into night Parc Ferme. Competitors who wish to start at Friday Prologue can do so but must advise in advance. In such a case, scruitineering must be done Friday until noon. Slovakian Rally Cup Race Start will be on Sunday 10:57 and will contain 3 SS with total length of 36,5 km. Finish should be at 15:50. 
Closing date for entries in on Monday, 17 March.