The number of crews stopped at number 202 for favorite Eger Rally

The number of crews stopped at number 202 for favorite Eger Rally this year. Rally will take place on days 1st to 3rd of April. On the entry list can be found up to thirteen vehicles with latest specifications R5 and there are also four vehicles WRC and three vehicles S2000.

Slovak Rally Championship will already open on the first weekend of April by the Hungarian Eger Rallye. On the demanding track with 16 special stages will race together competing crews from Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. 111 competing crews signed for FIA Central European Zone, Slovak Championship and the Hungarian Championship, 22 crews enterd in the Historic Hungarian championship, 62 crews for Hungarian Rallye2 Championship and 7 crews for Slovak Rally Cup.

Starting numbers 1 and 2 will carry on their door reigning champions of rally in both countries. With "One" will perform Jaroslav Melichárek with Erik Melicharek on their Ford Fiesta RS WRC and with number "Two" will be Norbert Heczig with Igor Bacigál on their Skoda Fabia R5. With starting number 3, will try to catch them Grzegorz Grzyb with Robert Hündla who settle in the Ford Fiesta R5, but for this Polish driver it will not be easy after the recent surgery. No. 4 will have participants of European Championship events, David Botka with Attila Bazsi on very fast Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX R4. After them we will see on the route the first Czech crew, other major adepts of winning - Pavel Valoušek with Veronika Havelková on new technology Skoda Fabia R5. To the Ford Fiesta R5 after year in Mitsubishi will return again Kazár Miklós with Ramón Ferencz. They will be followed by three other crew on vehicle specifications R5 - Tomas Kukucka with Rado Mozner (Skoda Fabia R5), Tamás Szoke - Janos Tóth (Peugeot 208 T16 R5) and Vlasto Majerčák with Michaela Vejačková (Ford Fiesta R5). Dozen of fastest will close János Balogh - Daniel Holczer on Mitsubishi. Yet we can mention for example number 11 - Igor Drotár with Robo Muller at Skoda Fabia WRC and number 16 - Tomas Ondrej with Adam Gomori on a vehicle of the same brand. Symbolic start number 50 is for a crew Peter Gavlák - Emil Horniaček and it is not by chance, but because during the competition he will celebrate his beautiful age of 50.

We are looking forward to the fights in class 6, in which MSR enrolled nine crews including Rasťo Chvala - Hlisnikovský Libor, Tomas Fusko with Jakub Slovak or Roman Koňuch with Patrik Porubčan. Newcomer in this class will be Jan Kundlák with Michala Rezková and also Jan Urbančík with Frantisek Sobota on similar vehicles Peugeot 208 R2. It looks nice and the fifths with which will fight especially Peter Haluska with Pavol Kocik on Seat Ibiza against Juraj Keszi with Pavol Helmeczy at the SEAT Leon TDI. However, they may get jeopardized by the Polish crew Rafal Pochlopien with Marcin Roik at the Opel Astra.

The Slovak Rally Cup should introduce seven crew to face a really difficult task to master 60 km special stages in a single stage. Who will succeed and who can do it in the fastest time we will know already on Sunday April 3. The starting grid is really full, since we can not appoint all, we recommend that you look at Entry lists at, where you will also find all other relevant information such as supplementary regulations, itinerary or timetable for f administrative checks and scrutineering.

Zdenka Tamášová