Eger Rallye 2015 - online - piatok

After a rainy night, the participants of EGER RALLYE 2015 woke up to a beautiful, warm morning. They have not a lot of time to admire the beauty of the city and its surroundings because the organizer has prepared for them a rich program. Administrative checks of the Hungarian historic cars started at 7:00 and from 09:00 started Administrative checks of the first crew that are going to compete in the Slovak Rally Championship. Within half an hour started also Scrutineering. Around 13:30 arrived WRC cars for Scrutineering. Among the spectators it warmly, falling words like "I was on the Finnish rally now we see those same vehicles" Expectation is high, we expect the big fight.

We asked a few drivers aboit their impressions of reconnaissance and overall organization. They complained to the highly complex organization of certain activities. They have right, on the other hand, it should be noted that the enormous number of entries, difficulties in securing large area for service park, impossibility to use traditional hotel for rally headquarter caused a difficult situation.
Much discussion was also about selected rotes of the special stages - especially the quality of the surface of some of them. The truth is that the main part of the SS 2 and the whole route of the SS3 are technically beautiful, but they have a bad surface and therefore they are very, very difficult. It is necessary to understand the organizer, who was for many years criticized for very fast routes. This year he incorporate into Leg 1 route where the high speed certainly will not be.
When you write this information to the crew completed the reconnaissance, submitted rally cars in Park fermé and get ready for the evening gala performance at the podium.