Eger Rallye 2015 online

By Wednesday evening, gradually increasing the number of visitors of the town of Eger. The number of participants of the Eger Rallye 2015 always increasing. This competition will open Hungarian and also Slovak Rally Championship 2015with really numerous competitive field. Up to 210 crews entered for this event and organizer was forced to change the intinerary of the Leg 2 at the last minute.

Some of the competing crews in order to use completely the time allowed for reconnaissance were waiting for road books issuing front of the showroom Automobil Eger Kft. this morning before its opening. As the first of the MSR drivers took their road book the crew Nagy - Kušnier, as the second was crew Molnár - Parihus. Up to four hours later, the organizers waited last "Slovak" crew Ondrej - Tešínsky.
In addition to the road book, bulletin the competitors took a GPS device that is used primarily for reconnaissance speed control. Mainly checks compliance with the permitted speed of 50 km/h. on the sections of the special stages, which consist of private roads.

In Hungary, the view on reconnaissance is other than in our or other countries. We always have restricted number of SS passages during reconnaissance (usually 3 passagea are allowed). Number of passages is not limited in Hungary. They rather check if each crew attended each SS route line at least once. This view has its safety justification.

Unfortunately during the day, the organizers received the first excuse of absence. In all cases the competing car pronounced veto to participation in the first season´s event. So we will not see in Eger following cars: Subaru WRC (Vlastimil Majerčák - Michael Vejačková) and also two historic vehicles. Toyota Celica (Ján Lipták - Ján Slovák) and Czech Lancia Delta (Sychra - Kaválek).