10. Eger Rallye attracts media

Slovak Rally Championship 2015 will start already on the end of March on Hungarian Eger Rallye. Interesting special stegas attract not only a large number of crews, as well as media representatives.

Only two weeks separate us from the start of jubilee 10. Eger Rally. Rally will counts for Hungarian Rally Championship, Hungarian Historic Rally Championship, Slovak Rally Championship and Slovak Historic Rally Championship, Hungarian Rallye2 and Slovak Rally Cup. Organizers prepared 14 special stages spread over two competition days.

Entry list is filled with drivers´ names from Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland between them are crews from known teams such as L Racing, KL Racing, Sport rufa, Drotár autosport or Xiqio Racing. Many riders will be presented in the new specials, which implies really interesting battles on the track.

The deadline to sign up for the contestants (March 15) was slowly approaching the deadline for accreditation of journalists (March 25). Please, therefore, all media representatives who wish to attend the opening event Slovak Rally Championship 2015 to read the accreditation rules applicable to 2015 and sent to that email the completed accreditation form. Terms of accreditation are published on the official website of the organizer www.rallye.sk/eger.

Zdenka Tamášová
Press Room 10. Eger Rallye